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No Internet: Restoring Connection

Updated: Feb 17, 2022

Troubleshooting - The Basics # 1

No Connection


Network seen, but no connection.


1. Locate the POE (This device is about the size of a pack of cigarettes with one light, two cables in labeled ports, which read LAN and POE, on one end and a power cord on the back end.) Please see the picture to right featuring the two models we use: it will be one or the other.

2. Give cables a wiggle while pressing into device. Leave plugged in.

3. Unplug power cord from outlet the one and only light on that device, usually located on the top, should go out.

4. Wait 10-15 seconds.

5. Plug power cord back into outlet. The light should come back on.

6. Wait about 5 minutes, then check device.

7. If it didn’t work and if the device you power cycled has antennas and has multiple lights…. This is not the POE. It is the router, you can try it, but you may need to trace the cable in the internet port of the router back and locate the POE and try again.

You may have to wait a moment or two.

7. If it still did not work… check out the fan icons on router, if they are unlit the WIFI on your router has been disabled, and WPS/WIFI ON/Off Woes with TP LINK post may be useful.

Call PointeNet or fill out our contact form to schedule service call.

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