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About US

PointeNet is a rural Internet service provider serving residents and businesses in Western Iowa and Eastern Nebraska.  Our mission is to continue to develop and expand this network and provide the highest Internet speeds possible and service to customers we serve.  Learn the story about Pointenet, and how we do what we do. 

PointeNet's Story

Established by Bob and Shari Eades as an Internet service provider in 2007, PointeNet provides high-speed broadband Internet to rural markets in eastern Nebraska and western Iowa.  The need, apparent and difficult, was to get good and consistent high-speed bandwidth to rural communities at a reasonable price. This has been our mission to this day.  Our PointeNet headquarters are in Omaha, Nebraska. 

PointeNet continues to be affiliated, through marketing agreements, with NextLink. This affiliation enables PointeNet to expand their coverage reach and serve both residences and businesses, whether in towns or on farms and acreages.  Also, our company is proud to serve many of the areas city offices, fire departments, and libraries, as well as services for the Nebraska Game and Parks Department state parks.

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How It works

Through an ever-expanding network of fiber optic cable and microwave signal locations, Internet traffic is routed from these secure origination points throughout a network of repeater sites to be distributed to customers.  These repeater site locations are often hosted on community water towers,  grain elevators, or communication towers.   At this time, these transmission locations are counted to be over 250 tower sites which serves hundreds of communities in western Iowa and eastern Nebraska, covering approximately 16,000 square miles.