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Updated: Sep 10, 2021

The dark ominous storms clouds have passed. The quiet after a storm lingers in the air. Power has since been restored if it was lost at all. However, in a frenzy to get reconnected to the outside world via the internet, buttons were pushed and now there is still no internet connection much to our dismay. The TP link routers that we sell contain a "WPS/WIFI ON/Off" button, which is pictured on the right hand side

No connection issues can be tricky and our experience has shown us that this little button is a common culprit. So in the frenzy, if buttons were pushed, chances are that this "WPS/WIFI ON/Off" button was pushed. Assuming there is power to the router, and fan icons are not lit up, the WIFI has been disabled.

  1. Try pushing and holding for 5 seconds the "WPS/WIFI ON/Off" button on the far right corner of the back of the router as pictured, again.

  2. Wait about a minute or two for the lights which are on top or the front of your router to come back on. Both fan icons should be green now. Long story short, if all lights are green, it indicates that things are good to go.

  3. Then, check your device, if your network name appears and says connected, great. Bravo! You're well on your way to surfing the web.

If your network name does not appear, but you notice a generic looking name on your device with the brand name of your router in the name, you've most likely hit the reset button to send it back to factory default. In that scenario, please refer to HELP! No Connection and Now My Network Name is Missing post for further steps to try.

As always we are happy to help, but sometimes we get swamped. When these tips work, it helps restore services sooner, it is just like us walking you through, but without waiting for a call back.

Be assured, that if you're still having problems don't wait to contact us. We'd rather you place in the request whether by phone or contact form, attempt troubleshooting while waiting for return call than wait a week to call in.

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