Question and Answer:
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can I get service where I live?

A:   Please, check our Coverage Map for the service areas in your neighborhood.  Our tower repeater sites have a range of about 6 to 8 miles in every direction.  Customers need visual line of sight and be within range of one of these towers to receive service. If there are obstacles like hills, trees or buildings blocking your line of sight, an on-site survey can be conducted to verify the signal will pass through these obstructions.  You can call the office at 402-614-7053 to get the process started.  We'd be happy to look it up on our elevation map and do a complimentary site survey. 

Q:  Is there a charge to have some one come and take a look to see if I can get service?

A:  No.  There is no charge for a site survey.   Our technician always comes prepared to install for customer convenience.  Please, see Our Prices tab on website for install fees and speed packages.

Q: What is your data download monthly limit?

A: There is no data download limit at this time.

Q: Can I change my speed package at any time?

A:   Yes. You may upgrade your plan at no cost at any time, and it will be effective the same day.  Call the office at 402-614-7053.

​ Q: Do I need a wireless router?

A:  Yes.  You will need a wireless router.  You can purchase one directly from PointeNet, or you can provide your own.   For make and price of the router we offer please see Our Prices page.

Q:  Is there a contract?

A:   There is a service agreement which is to be signed and returned: you have two options a 30-day rolling in which an install fee will be assessed or there is the option to sign a 2-yr agreement win which the installation fee will be waived.  

Q:  How do I cancel service?

 A 30 day written notification is required per service agreement.  Fee may be accessed for early termination of contract/service agreement.   Please use the Cancellation Form to submit it in writing and include reason.

​Q:  Do you have a recurring payment program?

A:  Yes, we highly recommend participation in one of our several recurring payment programs.  We can set up to charge your credit card, or do a bank withdrawal (ACH-Automated Clearing House) on a monthly basis.  There is a section on the service agreement we send you to sign up or a separate recurring payment agreement.  Your signature on either form will authorize us to enroll you in the program of your choice.


Q:  Can I pay my monthly Internet bill online?

A:   You can also pay this bill online.  We can email the monthly invoice to you with a pay link, which will allow you to pay the monthly bill by credit card.  We can send bills/invoices through the U.S. mail,  however there is a monthly charge of $1.00 for mailed paper invoices.   

​​​Q: What hardware is included with the installation?

A:   Most hardware including antenna, cable, and the modem, is provided by PointeNet.   The equipment provided is leased to the customer and will be returned if service is upgraded or discontinued.   PointeNet will repair or upgrade this equipment at their own expense for the life of the service.    The wireless router or any other internal networking equipment is the customer's responsibility.

Q:  Are you a Satellite company?

A:  No.  PointeNet is not a satellite company.  Satellite companies download bandwidth from an orbiting satellite in space.  With PointeNet, earthbound radios/antennas at our towers communicate via microwave signals with radios/antennas on the customers' property.  Our service, when compared to satellite providers, is less effected by adverse atmospheric conditions.

Q: Does PointeNet use my phone line?

A:  No.  PointeNet does not use phone lines.  Also, no telephone line is required for our service.  Many customers use their cell phones and do not have a traditional "land line".

Q: Can I keep my old e-mail address?

A:   It depends on whether the old email address is tied to the service provider you are leaving.  Many telephone companies generally will allow you to keep your old email.  You will need to ask your provider if there are any charges to keep your current email address.   There are free email accounts available through sites such as,,,, among others.

​Q: Can I connect more than one PC and share the Internet?

A:   Yes, you can accomplish this by purchasing a wireless router from PointeNet, Best Buy, Office Depot, or other office supply vendors.

Q: My Netflix buffers, how can I fix this?

A:  Our residential internet speeds are rated at maximum burst speeds. Not sustained speeds. To prevent Netflix buffering and quality adjustments midstream please make the following adjustments to your Netflix account.

1.Log into your Netflix account.

2. Click on “Your Account & Help” in the upper right hand corner.

3. Click on “Manage Video Quality” under the “Watching Instantly to your TV or Computer” section.

4. Choose Good quality for a 1.5-3M connection (Constant 700Kb/s required)

Choose Better quality for a 6M connection (Constant 1.6Mb/s required)

Choose Best quality for a 12M connection (Constant 5.1Mb/s required for HD)

5. Click “Save”.

This will keep the service from trying to stream at a higher quality than the connection will support once the burst expires and the throttle kicks in.

Q: What is a firewall and do I need one?

A:  The short answer is yes, however most of the newer wireless routers have solid firewall capabilities.  A firewall is a safety feature on your network that prevents unauthorized access to your network devices from the internet, like hackers and some viruses. Pretend your internet connection is like a wall lined with thousands of doors. These doors swing both ways freely. This allows any information in or out at random. A firewall makes the doors only swing out, locks all the doors, and only you have the key. When you request information, you unlock and open the door, allowing it in. Once you receive the information, the door closes and locks again. We recommend anyone with our service use a firewall, it just makes good sense.