Standard Operating Procedure/Policy Quiz
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1. What are the discounts offered to customers?
2. Cancellations must be in writing to give 30-day notice of cancellation.
3. Early termination cancellations are subject to the install fee.
4. PointeNet offers a recurring payment program what must be obtained before a recurring payment can be set up?
5. When are billing changes for speed upgrades effective?
6. At a minimum, how often should a tech report to billing department installs, router, sales, and other billing changes they agree upon with a customer?
7. Customers should be encouraged to go to’s cancellation form, or a PN employee fill it out with customer on phone because it is easy, convenient way to get the notice in writing & submitted allowing for receipt & process confirmation.
8. Speed Tests performed by customer typically reflects what?
9. Best way to troubleshoot a speed concern is with customer on phone performing tests while viewing the radio’s dashboard total traffic because…
10. Ideally when should the service agreement signature be procured?

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