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Safety Program Quiz
Please fill and submit the quiz below to complete your orientation for training. 
1. Select all that apply: What of the following are good climbing tips?
2. Select all that apply: What are some hazards to avoid or be aware of when climbing towers?
10. It is okay to drive over a downed line.
11. You should always call to have lines marked before digging.
12. One should keep electric cords and electronics including power tools away from water.
13. you should always be aware of your surroundings and identify and take steps to avoid potential hazards.
14. It is okay if the ladder wabbles and is unstable.
15. Locking mechanisms on ladders should be utilized at all times
16. You should avoid placing metal ladders near overhanging powerlines.
17. Ladders should never be securely placed away from power lines.
18. Gear failure is the number one cause of fatal tower falls.
19. Fatal falls are caused mostly by insufficient adherence to safety rules.

Thank you for submitting, this section's training is now complete.

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