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New Products and Services:

Pointenet Internet Services has expanded our product and service offerings to help with the your growing wireless technology needs. Our goal is to make your life easier by tailoring an an amazing system for you. If you have another internet provider, no problem, we can use any internet services to make your technology dreams come true. In addition to providing you reliable high-speed Internet up to 25mbps with unlimited data, we now offer:

  • Camera systems installation

Project your property and livestock assets with a camera system that can be accessed live or by recorded footage accessible via an app on your smartphone.

  • Wireless link between buildings

Utilize your existing internet connection to deliver service to your shop, barn, office, or another building using wireless links for a one time install package.

  • Home Networking Solutions

Have dead spots or want to be able to use Wi-Fi on your porch? We have a solution for you. Upgrade your home by hard wiring your devices, or install a wireless mesh network to extend to an exterior space to doorbell cameras, secure door access, and other smart home solutions.

  • New Construction Networking

Make sure your new build is done right the first time. We will coordinate with you and your contractor to make sure your network needs are met before you move into your new home or business.

  • Backup secondary internet connection

Avoid interruption in your service by having an automatic secondary connection using cell carrier technology

  • Managed WIFI

Remote accessible Wifi that allows you change, limit, block, and schedule your Wifi system.

Reach Out! today 402-614-7053 to schedule a consultation and make your internet dreams a reality.

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