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Ahhh! Buffering when watching movies. Soooo uncool.

Updated: Sep 9, 2021

Troubleshooting-The Basics # 3 - Speed Concern


Buffering, slow and sluggish downloads.

It could be a couple of things.

Usually, it is a supply and demand thing. The demand is the sum total of usage of all devices. Buffering can happen when you’re maxing out your supply because there isn’t enough bandwidth to meet the needs of the streaming devices.

On occasion it could be equipment used to conduct the flow of traffic. Since speed concerns be a bit elusive at times, the best thing is to bring it to our attention so we can have a technician assist.


1. Call PointeNet or use contact form to submit a service request to work with an associate to figure out just what exactly is causing the buffering/slowness.

a. It could be as simple as a speed upgrade to the next package in which case all billing is effective next cycle, the first of the month denotes the beginning of the next cycle.

b. Or it could be a symptom of something network wide. If many people in the same area are reporting, then that tips us to look deeper. Help us, help you.

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