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Router Placement Tip Ideas

Updated: Sep 8, 2021

Did you know, that the range of your WIFI network can vary so placement is key. Apart from the operating range of your device, placement is a key factor. Here are a couple of tips to help optimize your router's performance...not matter what brand you may have.

  • Avoid placing near ceiling fans, home security systems, microwave ovens.

  • Place away from solid metal doors, aluminum studs, fish tanks, mirrors, brick or


  • Keep in mind that other WIFI access points such as routers, repeaters, Range extenders and other devices that emits a wireless signal for network access. in and around your home might affect your router's signal as the frequencies they transmit may interfere with each other.

  • Other factors such as thickness and number of walls the WIFI has to broadcast through may need consideration.

  • Need help? Contact PointeNet.

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