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From our mailbox: Mesh Network

What is a good explanation in layman terms to describe how a WiFi router mesh network operates?


A WiFi router mesh network is a type of network that is made up of multiple routers that work together to provide a strong and stable WiFi signal throughout a large area. In a mesh network, each router is connected to the others in the network, creating a "mesh" of interconnected devices.

Here is how a mesh network works in more detail:

  1. The primary router, also known as the "gateway" router, is connected to the internet through a broadband, connection ( such as cable or DSL modem). This router broadcasts a WiFi signal that can be used to connect devices to the internet.

  2. The secondary routers, also known as "satellite" routers are placed throughout the coverage area to extend the range of the WiFi signal. These routers are connected to the primary router wirelessly, using a technology called "mesh networking".

  3. When a device, such as a laptop or smartphone, connects to the WiFi network, it will automatically connect to the router with the strongest signal. This ensures that the device always has a strong and stable connection to the internet.

  4. If the device moves to a different part of the coverage area, it will automatically switch to the appropriate router in the network to maintain a strong connection. This process happens seamlessly and without interrupting the device's internet connection.

Overall, a WiFi router mesh network is a convenient and effective way to provide a

strong and stable WiFi signal throughout a large area, such as a home or office.

Have dead spots around the house? If so, a mesh setup might be right for your space, reach out to PointeNet today!

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